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    OS X Mavericks v10.9.2 is reliable?



      I only read bad reviews on mavericks.

      Upgrade to Mavericks, or continue with Mountain Lion. ?


      Use FMP13 , FMA13 y FMS13




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          Hi Draco,


          I moved everything FM13 here on to Mavericks several weeks ago and have not seen any issues.


          You could check this thread:


          if you want the same assurances that I received.





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            Everything fine here. We have FM 11, 12 and 13 running on Mavericks without problems.


            Of course it's always possible that some people installed some hacks or drivers which change things and cause problems.

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              upgraded 2 computers and had issues with speed and mail. my main work station stays on 10.8.5 which seams to be rock-solid.

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                Hello Draco,


                My previous machine was a MacBook Pro with 4G of RAM and Snow Leopard.  I was extremely pleased with this setup - best Mac OS I have ever tried.


                Because of the age of the machine, I opted to purchase a new Mac Mini that shipped with Mavericks.  Compared to the older system it truly feels like a downgrade.  To be fair, I expect it will stand a better chance of competing with the older machine if I add some more RAM to it.


                My main complaints:


                  Finder is somehwhat sluggish and does not always draw window contents accurately.


                  Firewire disks are never allowed to spin down.


                  Permissions on startup items do not seem to be recognized.


                  Network connectivity seems a little less reliable.


                The above is with the machine running fresh out out of the box with nothing extra.


                My workarounds:


                  When possible, connect existing external drives via USB instead of firewire.


                  Hope that an updated version of the OS will be better.


                  Add more RAM.


                The system is bearable right now, but I am hoping that with the above changes I can get back to once again enjoying using OSX for development and daily tasks.


                Sincere regards,


                  - steve


                p.s.  Hope this is not seen as bashing.  Note that I am not claiming that my experience is represenative of anyone else's -- it's just an honest description of my impressions.




                Extra Note After Reading Stephen Huston's Comment:


                I should have mentioned that for purposes of doing FileMaker work, the new machine has been just fine.


                FMPA 11, 12, 13 all run great.


                FMS12 installed and ran trouble-free from the get-go.


                My gripes have all been non-FileMaker related.


                My apologies to all for neglecting to include the positive side of the story...

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                  8GB RAM is really kinda required these days.  16GB RAM is ideal.


                  - John

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                    Hi John,


                    Thanks for the comment.  This is encouraging, as it suggests that I might be able to enjoy my new development system once I add some RAM.





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                      thank you very much,... to all.


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                        Stephen Huston

                        Anecdotal chiming in:

                        I am running Mavericks 10.9.2 on a first generation MacBook Air with only the original 2 GB of installed RAM. I was able to install FMPA13 and FMS13 (dev lic for testing), and both are running without a hitch, along with FMPA 11 and 12 (which were both installed back when the MBAir was running 10.7). I did a direct upgrade from 10.7 to 10.9 on the OS, and then the OS updates as they were released.


                        I have experienced NO problems with any of the hardware or software, no unexpected quits, crashes, etc.

                        So, I suspect that most of the problems reported are due to plugins or conflicts with other installed application packages on individual systems rather than the Mavericks OS itself.