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    Speed for tracking sales activities - what is best?  calc fields slow?


      We have a database with about $40,000 contacts in it.


      Salespeople make calls, to go meetings, send one off and mass email all day.


      We need to track this activity, wiith items like

      1. last call/email/meeting/referral/sale (all individual)
      2. # of call/email/meeting/referral/sale (all individual)


      I have a table structure of

      Contacts >contact/actionJoin>action

      I COULD count, summaries, pull most recent using the join table, but, want to make sure that this won't slow down bunch.


      What's the fastest way to do these things so I can report on this like I need?

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          Stephen Huston

          I would use a reporting table with records at the level you want to report, whether for sales people, clients, or whatever, and use stored numeric values (indexed numbers) as the field type.


          Then I would have a script set the fields via calculated Set Fields in each record. It may take some time to run the script, looping through the reporting records, but the values will be current as of the last time it was run, and the time-stamped report won't be dependant on new calcs if you refer back to it for the most recent values.


          I've used reports like this, set to run at the Server schedule to do daily updates/reports of activity, or to update info on clients overnight. It also allows remote users to view the most recently-run report when they need access, without having calcs trying to update over a WAN.