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(No financial interest . . .)


We have been really impressed with the RC Consulting FM Go Video Training . . .


This is the most comprehensive FM Go information source we've seen so far. A real bargain at $29.00 (and supplemented by their FM Go Training Tool that has been out there for a while).


This video series is really a two-fer . . .


We originally started watching the videos (about 7 hours in 10 minute chunks) in the detailed levels and got a lot of tips. Perfect timing for us as we enter beta on our product. And not just how stuff works but tips/tricks, workarounds (some REALLY good ones), and some warnings on what not to do. All of these have already saved us a bunch of development time and researching on our own.


But, I was surprised as how good the introductory videos were. Although this was stuff that I already knew, the way Richard presents it (and the logic behind FileMaker product positioning with '13') is really really good. I was making notes right away because we (and certainly others out there in FMDev-land) are challenged in talking to customers about the new pricing model, 'mobile' in general, iPad vs. Desktop vs. WebDirect, etc. Richard does a great job of covering the various factors behind FileMaker's business model and gives great ideas of how to talk about it.


A big thumbs up from us! This is by no means, the road to riches for RC Consulting. At this pricing level, more of a gift to the community. We do our own video training here and know how much work went into this video training series.


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