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    Adjust width of popup menu in FM Go?




      Is it possible to adjust the width of a popup menu selection in filemaker go? My current popup's dont display all the information, they are not wide enough. I have read that it depends on the contents that are first/last in the list - but this doesnt seem to be the case any more as I have one of my lists where all values are too long to be read on an iPad.


      I would be perfectly happy if they just spanned the width of the ipad. Is this possible?


      Thanks very much!

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          you can not control native UI objects from iOS with FMGO, so it's not a setting you can set yourself.


          Instead of a popup menu selection for long values, it might make more sense to redirect the user to a list view to make their selection. You could control the height and width of each row, and even mimic the styling of the popup to a point.

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            I'm starting to use popovers whenever possible to replace pop up menus and custom dialog boxes.  Popovers have a lot more capabilities.

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              Thank you both for the replies - sounds like I need to set up a portal or popover with the list in it. That actually might give me some more possibilities anyway such as selecting multiple values in the list which I was wanting to do down the road anyway.


              Thanks for the answers.

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                A nice feature of a popover is you can over fill the popover window, so you can keep the popover window small but have the ability to scroll left and right in the popover window to everything in the popover.

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                  Hi Folks -


                  I am resurrecting this thread to ask a follow up question as I have been working on this again:



                  So I am setting up my popover with my  portal in it, but there is a problem. I have a data table with a bunch of values, and many of them are the same. For example:


                  Field1:Value 1 | Field 2:Value 4

                  Field1:Value 1 | Field 2:Value 9



                  So I have duplicates of field 1, where field 2 is different. Now I am trying to copy the way my dynamic value list works today, where a user selects from a list of all the different values in Field 1, then its filtered down to less choices in field 2, etc.  Problem is, with a portal its showing duplicates of all my values in that field one, because I have a bunch of field 1's that = 1, and a bunch that equal 2, etc etc.


                  Thoughts on how I can limit my portal to only show one of each entry? I am looking into the List function but it doesnt seem to accomplish what I am going for.


                  Edit: FWIW I am considering just changing my schema to seperate data tables instead of just 1, which would solve this problem. Maybe that is the way to go.