EasySync v1.0 is now available

Discussion created by TimDietrich on May 9, 2014
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Good morning!


I'm happy to announce that EasySync v1.0, our first “official” version, is now available.


EasySync is an open source sync framework for the FileMaker platform. You can use it to sync data between mobile devices (running FileMaker Go) and databases hosted on FileMaker Server.


Here are some of EasySync's features:


• It uses only native FileMaker functionality. No plug-ins, and no custom functions.

• It is easy to setup and configure.

• It has a small footprint. The number of fields, tables, table occurrences, relationships, and scripts needed for EasySync have been kept to a minimum.

• There is no need for any additional files.

• It is transactional. A sync either completes in its entirety or not at all.

• It is fast.

• It fully supports containers.

• It is flexible, so you can easily modify it to support your specific business rules.

• It integrates with EasyDeploy, a new deployment solution that makes it easy for you to distribute updates of your solution to your mobile users.

• It is very secure.

• It is being provided via an open source license. (Yes, that means it is free!)


My thanks go out to everyone who has helped beta test EasySync over the past few weeks. This has been a collaborative effort, and EasySync wouldn’t be what it is today without your feedback and suggestions.


For details, and to download EasySync, please visit: http://fmeasysync.com