Changing the data source without breaking realtionships

Discussion created by PeterWindle on May 9, 2014
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Hello my fellow filemakers...



I have currently built a solution (one file containing multiple tables) which has a table within it for tracking event dates/times. (let's call this FILE A for now)


I have a second file (let's call it FILE B), containing just one table, which is identical to the event table within FILE A.


I'd like to change the relationships that exist in FILE A from one table to point to the table in the external FILE B.


If I just simply change the External File references to point to the external file B, it breaks all the relationship links (despite the fact that all the fields are identical in FILE A's table as they are in FILE B's table.)


So, my question is simple, is there a way of changing the external file references whilst not breaking the relationships?


The only other alternative would be to copy/paste all the layouts/scripts from one file to the other.. either way, it's a painful process... anyone know of a better way?