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Output portal records to one merge file for MS Word

Question asked by ynot.nodrof on May 10, 2014
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this is my first post so be gentle!


I have been using Filemaker since it was Claris Works and thats a Looooooong time!


I have been scratching my head trying to export to a mail merge using fields from Table 1, only one record at a time which works OK no problem. But I am only able to get the first record from the related Table 2 portal in the Table1 layout, the portal is one field only and a maximum of eight records, to show in the merge.


I have tried a repeating field using the same relationship but that does not work.. If I enter the data from Table 2 manually using a related pop-up into a repeating field on the Table 1 that will show in the merge file but as a string not line by line as required and is too messy to do it that way.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.