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      Hello all,


      Is anyone working with iBeacons in FileMaker Go as of yet?


      Many thanks!



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          I don't think there is a way to work with it inside of filemaker go. AFAIK, until FileMaker expands it's use of the iOS location functions to include features of iBeacon, the interaction is not possible.


          If you want to mimic the behavior of this, you might be able to hardcode some locations and estimate your current distance to a "beacon" using the filemaker location functions. Tie this to a timer script and you might have something that works. The only caveat would be requiring FMGo to be open, which I think iBeacon passes on.


          So Filemaker go will need to be expanded to include a "listener", so that when iOS sends the app a beacon alert, it can process it appropriately. This would make a good feature request!

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            Hi Shane,


            This post may (or may not) be of interest to you since Oleksiy states:

            "It is also possible to make live connection to theoretically any external bluetooth device from FM Go."



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              I have been experimenting with iBeacons.  I have some rough functionality using a helper app I have been working on.


              Here is what I can get it to do.

              When you enter/exit iBeacon range you can...


              1. Preform an action on a remote file such as update a field etc.  ( no user interaction required.  No app needs to running as of iOS 7.1 )

              2. Have a local notification pop up that opens filemaker and preforms a script or anything using app URL.


              What can't be done is...

              with fm go open automaticly preform an aciton on a local database without user interaction.

              launch fm go without user interaction.


              Although its cool I haven't thought of any reall world applications for this.   I am sure there is but because its not for a current project I haven't really done a lot with it.


              Feel free to contact if you have questions or interest.

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                Hi there -- I saw this post and wanted to respond now that FileMaker Go 15 has been released.


                FileMaker Go 15 supports iBeacons and a number of people in the community are excited about the use cases this presents.


                I see that mikebeargie responded to this thread in the past. And I've been in close touch with lavendt who will be presenting on this topic at DevCon. He wrote some great explanations in a private thread earlier this year -- hope he might consider reposting some of that information publicly.


                In FileMaker Go, you retrieve iBeacon information through the RangeBeacons function. Here's what the FileMaker help pages say about that:


                FileMaker Pro 15 - New Calculation Function - RangeBeacons | FileMaker


                Cheers --



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                  For anyone who will be in the New York City area, you are invited to come to the next meeting of NYFMP.org in 6 days, where one of the presentation topics will be iBeacons.


                  Are you near me now? iBeacons and FileMaker Go 15

                  One of the new features of FileMaker Go 15 is support for Apple’s iBeacon standard. iBeacons are physical devices that use the Bluetooth Low Energy specification to broadcast positional signals on a continuous basis. iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch devices running FileMaker Go 15 can read these signals and essentially poll a space where these iBeacons reside e.g. a retail store, warehouse, marketplace, trade show, etc. and get unique identifier and relative distance data that can then be used to query a database.

                  FileMaker Go 15’s native iBeacon functionality makes this type of application relatively easy to design and implement. J. Sciarra from Colibri Solutions will demonstrate this functionality and discuss various use cases, opportunities, and limitations of what this new FileMaker capability can provide.