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    Free for all w/attachment


      This is a Camera Club program created for a Canadian Camera Club. Postal Codes and phone number prefixes have to be changed for the U. S. etc. It's a bit trick to figure out but then becomes simple and limited.


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          Your file looks like it was purposely built for a textbook, on the subject of how to not design a database system.

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            Terry, the pictures in the database were just amazing.  Thanks for posting this.  If you are looking for some constructive feedback here is something I would recommend.  Your use of many different colors and very thick borders dominate the start layout.  I would think the picture should be the most prominent thing on the layout but it is getting drowned out by all of the visual stimulation surrounding the picture. When buying a cell phone, more might be better but when desgining a layout, most of the time less is better.

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              I likethe photos, but the DB itself could use quite a bit of work my friend.

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                The pictures came from the internet and are used as the photographic filler. The colors are; green usually means go somewhere or do something, yellow means information while blue means empty as in a picture could go here. This simplifies the program's use which is over a short time every few months and has to be relearned by the users who are photographers. The first version of the camera club program was written a few years ago and was centered around slides. That worked fine until slides went away. Now everything is digital so this rewrite was done. I like working with FileMaker but it's just a hobby so I'm not good at it but I do try to make it simple to use.


                My intention in starting this thread was to get a community pile of solutions that are free to use, take apart and reuse. I hope we can still do that.