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    video streaming in webdirect




      I am working on an assignment to see if video streaming can work on webdirect as like on FMP.


      So far, I have no luck on this.


      Just want to check if any developers here have worked out a way to make video streaming work smoothly in webdirect.


      From what my experienced, the whole video needs to be downloaded before play back, which take quite unacceptable long for video file (mp4) with size around 50-60M.


      Any clue.



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          You could upload the videos to another video hosting service instead of as a container (IE vimeo), then embed that to a webviewer by URL stored with the FileMaker record.


          Also, have you tried other formats? I'd imagine with how WD functions, the behavior you have noticed (full load before playback) is consistent across all formats, but I have not played around with this too much.

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            Thanks Mike,


            That's exactly what I am trying to do. The content streaming is working randomly on various situation.


            I'm checking if this is related to the firewall and content type.