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    FMS13 installing troubles: ARR 2.5 and deployment test failed



      someone can help me?

      I spent some days in installation of FileMaker Server 13 on a Windows machine and finally the deployment test go wrong, again.


      This is Windows machine, on Hyper-V:

      Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (itallian) with 4GB RAM


      I failed first FileMaker Server installation because the installer tries to download the Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR 2.5) and failed. The message said: FMServer was unable to download it. Manually install IIS Application Request Routing (ARR).


      So, I found this interesting article about this issue:


      and I installed ARR 2.5 manually as indicated by TSFalcon (FileMaker) in FM forum

      Then the FileMaker installation was ok (or so it look like, without errors) but at the deployment test, this is the result, with an error:





      Check to make sure FMI web site exists: passed

      Create app fmi-test: passed

      Test web server ( Error code = 500




      Thank you for help



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          Uninstall Filemaker Server, Uninstall ARR 2.5 and Arr 3.0 if present. Remove the IIS role from the server. Reinstall Filemaker server. It will reinstall the IIS role and download the correct ARR.

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            Thank you for your answer, but I resolved installing URL Rewrite manually


            In "FileMaker Server 13 getting started" you find:


            Windows: Do not uninstall the following while FileMaker Server is installed:

            • IIS URL Rewrite Module
            • Microsoft Application Request Routing
            • Microsoft External Cache for IIS
            • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x64)
            • Microsoft Web Farm Framework


            These are necessary components for FileMaker Server. The installer would install them, but for an unknown cause, we hadn't this installation, so we had to install them manually. Some of them are installed by FileMaker Server installer, other by ARR installer. Verify which of them are missing.


            After installing URL Rewrite, FileMaker Server 13 completed deploying and all seems to be ok.

            BUT THIS ISN'T THE END:

            After many work hours for resolving this problem, FMS 13 seems to be ok but I read about some interesting fixes in rev2 update, so I updated FMS. Well, updating went wrong and then FMS not working anymore.

            We were planning to install Windows Server 2012, so I installed Windows Server 2012 on a new Virtual machine without configuring IIS (I know FileMaker Server installer do it) and then I installed FileMaker Server, but I HAD THE SAME RESULT: the installation was not completed successfully; then I installed manually ARR and URL Rewrite, and now it's working.

            But I could not upgrade...


            Some answer for this problem?

            Does anyone know the causes why FileMaker Server fails to install the components?

            I would also suggest to anyone involved in the FileMaker documentation to give indications on this issue.


            Good FileMaker anyone