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    FMPS13.02 Admin Console


      I'm starting a new discussion thread, but this same topic has been touched on a number of times, and I've responded to others reporting the terrible response time of the admin console only after applying the 13.02 patch that came out last week. I know I'm not the only one with the problem, but I'm disppointed that Filemaker has not even acknowledged that there is an issue.


      I'm runnning FMPS13.02 on a Server 2008 R2 very strong machine, but after patching to fmps 13.02 the Admin console spends the vast majority of its time with the spinning green-yellow-red activity indicator trying to refresh. trying to scroll up and down amongst my 60 schedules is particularily frustating - it only displays 4 or 5 at a time, and then it takes another 2-5 minutes to scroll down to the next 5 schedules. This is not usable.


      Initially I worked from the original 13.0 installation, then patched to the 13.01a (heart-bleed) patch, and then the 13.02 patch. It was suggested by FMI that I go ahead and do a full 13.02 install, and I did that Sunday (without uninstalling first). This has not changed the response issue - it is still terrible.


      I would like to hear if others have the issue, and if FMI has any suggestions. I'm hosting about 90 databases, with nearly 150 active users during the day, so bouncing the machine during working hours is a non-starter for me.



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          Have you used command line to restart the admin console (specifically the admin console, not the server) yet?


          I have not experienced the lag you are seeing, but I don't have a single server under that much load either (personal preference).

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            No, I've not used the command line to restart the console - not sure I've ever tried that, nor has FMI sugested it, I do have an open case number with them.  If I'm using the admin console on the physical machine that hosts the files, it is not nearly so awfull, it is when I'm using the web based console from my own workstation.  So in that case, I don't think it is even possible to issue a command line to the FMPS service... is it?

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              Alan, we nearly posted a bug report after updating on a Windows 2012 server, but then found the magic trick, resize your browser slightly larger and the the databases and schedules display as before.  We'd tried at least 2 browsers and both only displayed normally after the resize.



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                Andy -


                Thanks, I've discovered that I can zoom in/out to be able to see a few more rows, but that doesn't come close to fixing the overall console problems.  On my machine at 100% zoom (ie no zoom at all) - you can only see like 4 databases.  If you shrink it, you can see more rows, but it is of course less legible.  The largest problem for me is trying to use the admin console on a remote machine (my desktop) - something causes the console to go into an endless-loop refresh.



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                  Hi Alan


                  We've not seen any of the refresh problems within Windows, no idea what is going on there. However, we were running on quite large screens and had to run the browser so it wasn't maximised and after this increase the window size by dragging the lower right hand corner.


                  There appears to be a critical size, once over this the console displays as per pre-update. Until this, it really is unusable - like you, we've a similar number of files being hosted.


                  It was the same using both IE and Firefox, they seem to have got their proportions incorrectly set.



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                    Hi Alan


                    I've just experienced this and our server more than meets the FileMaker Server 13 requirements. We only have 10 test databases, with a very small number of total records (1200). The largest file contains no more than 20 fields.


                    Using the original version of FM Server 13, we had absolutely no problem with the console, but since Ive updated to FMS 13v2, the admin console seems to hang, although the files are hosted OK. We've got fairly large monitors 2x24" and I've tried resizing the windows, but no luck.


                    I've restarted the machine as it is a test machine, but still bhaving the same. Anyone found a solution?



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                      No.  Not only have we not found a solution, Filemaker has yet to even admit publicly that there might be a problem.  Apparently they did not see a problem on their evaluation, &/or can not replicate it. 


                      The only way I've been able to limp along with the problem is to RDP into the remote (server) machine, and run the browser locally - the admin console acts normally then.

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                        Whats the best way to file a bug report? The filemaker website suggests these forums, do we have anyone from FM looking at these threads. The console is taking a ridiculously long time to switch from one tab to another. It was fine up until we applied the last patch.

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                          I don't know the answer to that - I did both; and I've yet to see any results.  File a problem report at least gets you a case number that can be referenced - but so far FMI has left me with the impression that I'm the only one in the whole world with a problem with the FMPS13.02 release.  I've installed, uninstalled, removed services until I'm blue in the face - my plan is to revert back fmps13.01A which did not have the terrible sluggishness that you & I have noticed.


                          Good luck to you, I hope that you report back on your progress,


                          Alan Barker

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                            Alan, you are not alone. I am experiencing both problems you describe with v13.02: Admin Console spinning activity indicator, and browser resize issue. The browser resize issue was particularly difficult to troubleshoot, as I was working on an 11 inch MacBook air. After much trouble, I eventually found that viewing full screen in CoRD combined with maximizing the browser allowed me to see my databases. However, the Admin Console spinning activity indicator, which seems to take approximately three minutes before a selected action is executed, remains. I too have installed and reinstalled multiple times, with no change. I see the same slow response on both local and external machines.

                            - doug

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                              Hi Guys,


                              I've found this thread, http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/91888-fms-130v2-admin-console-problems/ unfortunately I cant run the updater again as I dont have access to the server. I'm going to have to put in a request to my IT team to see when they can do it, hopefully it will makes a difference.


                              Just thought if you guys have got access to the server, you might want to try it to see if it cures the problem before you reinstall v13.01A



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                                Anyone else still experiencing the red spinning activity indicator until the browser times out?


                                Upgraded to FM Server 13.0v4 via uninstall and full reinstall on Windows 2008 R2. From a remote computer, Admin Console still has the same red spinning activity indicator. After 2 or 3 minutes the command might take effect or the the browser times out.


                                Works properly in a local session if I RDP into the server and use Chrome on the box. IE a bit flakey.

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                                  I had this recently on a new iMac. solved with help from FM support—had to turn off Firewall and uninstall antivirus software; then uninstall and reinstall FMServer, and complete the Server Admin setup. After that it was OK to turn Firewall back on and reinstall antivirus software.

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                                    Wow, that sound encouraging... I've turned off virus checking for the key folders, but FMI never suggested anything regarding firewalls.  How does turning it oof - installing and then turning it back on really change anything?  Essentially I'm looking for what is the secret sauce of your success; cause I am totally unable to do anything with the remote admin console, I hae to rdp to the server, or I get the never ending spinning activity icon.



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