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    File Default Problem now in my toolkit

      I fought with an inherited file job for hours and days trying to get it to capture a photo in Go. I ran through about 8900 developer checks learned over the years and still could not get my add on scripts and a layout to take a photograph.


      In Go the dialog offering the various options for the container field popped up but they were dimmed. In other files I created to test the device, it worked just fine and I could click the option to take the photograph and store it in the container.


      After a few days of agony, an idea slowly formed... Custom menus...


      The original developer had set the default for the menus to his custom menu and this persisted into Filemaker Go.


      I see it as a bug in the design that [File Default] gives no clue that the developer has set his menus to be the default menus. That little statement in the layout menu looks the same whether or not a custom menu has been declared the file default.


      Coming to grips with that I set my newly created layouts to be [Standard Filemaker Menus] and now the dialog popup is enabled.


      I think it is an error on FileMaker's part to show [File Default] rather than [Standard Filemaker Menus] for a new file.... Opinions will vary...


      Now I have to step through 800 IFs in one script to arrive at the proper selection among another 300 ifs in a perform file to discover what I need to do as far as data in the table which uses various selections from 400 custom functions... I think the developer charged by the hour.... He definitely didn't test his solution over the internet for speed.

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          A while back I came up with my personal workaround on this (primary purpose: how to quickly get back up to speed on a solution that I may glimpse only every 6 to 12 months) - I generally amend the name of the View menu to something like View_TR.


          This will catch my attention and remind me that a) I have custom menus in this solution and b) they may well be the default however it is inconspicuous enough that most users aren't going to notice.