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Value list works, sort of. Newbie please help.

Question asked by schwinnfinnegan on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by erolst

I have finally wrapped my head around conditional valu list and I got it to work, with one small problem. I have various inks I need to sort first by brand then by color. I created a value list that has the brand names, this works no problems. On a single art file there will be multiple inks I will have to save so I created a field to save the brand for ink1 and a global field that is just holding the most recently selected brand name. I created a TO and related the global field to the brand field then set up the value list to start on the art layout and choose the brand field to sort but display the the second field ink color. The drop down menu works and sorts by brand and color on the second field. Problem is when i select a color it saves the brand name. Help.