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    External Stored Containers have disappeared


      Has anyone experienced server wide abrupt failure of interactive open containers. Any ideas why this might happen? Could back up's cause this?



      I have 6 filemaker files on a FMS13 server (macmini). Different sizes but all using interactive, open, externally stored containers. Server belongs to client and is hosted at thier office.


      Everything has been working fine for a couple of months. Today the hosted files suddenly could not be accessed. Admin Console would not open. After a restart the admin console opened and all the files became available however none of the interactive container worked on all of the databases..


      I can set the container to image rather than interactive and see the first page of the pdfs and I can export the field contents and the PDFs open. But the interactive capacity has stopped working on all the files.


      Filemaker Support suggested the files might have been corrupted but I don't understand why all the files would suddenly be corrupted at the same time. Some of the files have not been opened for weeks.


      I had a similar problem with this client a few months ago. I imported all the data and images to brand new files and loaded FMS server on another server. All was fine and everything has worked as expected until this happened earlier today.


      Any ideas are appreciated.



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          Can you try this? In the Terminal use the adminserver restart command.


          fmsadmin restart adminserver -y


          On FMS 13 this restarts the Admin Console app and the FMS Apache instance.

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            Stephen Huston

            How large is the number of container data records being stored in Open external storage. Using open storage requires that you, as the developer, manage the storage path assigned so that no single directory become bloated with too many thousands of files, otherwise the OS directory system begins to fail or freeze for its contents.


            Since there is supposed to be NO user access to the external data storage anyway, I ALWAYS recommend using FM's managed storage rather than open storage, because FM keeps the directories small enough to avoid directory bloat.

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              Thanks Stephen


              We had this discussion on another thread. I am managing the directory structure within the database.


              Also in my discussions with FMI support today I asked them specifically about the number of files in a given directory and they didn't raise any flags. In one of the files that is failing there are only 200 pdfs. The biggest might have 40,000. All was fine. No new files being added when everything abruptly stopped working.

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                Do I need to close the databases before doing this?

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                  After this occurred I did some further testing by creating a single record, single field (container field) file. I could open it locally and insert the PDF. Then I tried to upload it to the FIleMaker 13 server. Got message that the Connection failed. Then copied to the file to the database directory and opened it using admin conole. It opened but could not be modified. FMI Support advised that when taking this manual appraoch to uploading the file on a Mac you may need to reset the access to provide Fmsadmin read write rights. This is apparently looked after when using the upload assistant.


                  In between I had the client IT person ensure the rights on the server were correct. See knowledgebase article Setting OS level permission vai Terminal on MacOS X.


                  I logged on a few hours later and my test file was working and I could modify it and insert pdf that were viewed in interactive containers. I then tried to reset one of the solutions file back to interactive container. All was restored. Repeated this on all solutions and all back normal. I then tried to use the upload assistant and the connection worked.


                  Why the permissions changed abruptly I don't know. The IT person said this does happen for time to time in his experience but no pointers as to causes.


                  Any ideas?


                  Here's one out of left field. The client had another server which we initially had set up as the FileMaker server. When they decided to use this new machine the FileMaker server software was installed but it was not uninstalled and sat dormant. Just prior to this incident, one of their clients had tried to log on to the old server. Could this have tricked something that let FileMaker Server discover the second instance of the server and then caused this privilege change? Would seem like tough love without any kind of dialogue prompt.


                  Thanks again for the help,