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External Stored Containers have disappeared

Question asked by MartinCrosman on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by MartinCrosman

Has anyone experienced server wide abrupt failure of interactive open containers. Any ideas why this might happen? Could back up's cause this?



I have 6 filemaker files on a FMS13 server (macmini). Different sizes but all using interactive, open, externally stored containers. Server belongs to client and is hosted at thier office.


Everything has been working fine for a couple of months. Today the hosted files suddenly could not be accessed. Admin Console would not open. After a restart the admin console opened and all the files became available however none of the interactive container worked on all of the databases..


I can set the container to image rather than interactive and see the first page of the pdfs and I can export the field contents and the PDFs open. But the interactive capacity has stopped working on all the files.


Filemaker Support suggested the files might have been corrupted but I don't understand why all the files would suddenly be corrupted at the same time. Some of the files have not been opened for weeks.


I had a similar problem with this client a few months ago. I imported all the data and images to brand new files and loaded FMS server on another server. All was fine and everything has worked as expected until this happened earlier today.


Any ideas are appreciated.