I'd like to buy a pre-fabricated telephone call log solution...

Discussion created by DEC on May 13, 2014
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This, in lieu of drafting the thing from scratch. Does anyone know of a commercially-available Filemaker solution for this? Here are the ideal criteria:


1. Multi User, via desktop and IOS devices; Web-Direct isn't necessary.


2. Not subscription based (e.g., $59.99 per month). My client needs to be able to throw it up on its FMS 13 machine and be done with it.


3. It needs to be able to track the calls of multiple executive users.


4. While the assistants/secretaries for the executive users should be able to create a call record and designate the executive to whom it concerns, the executive users should only be able to view and edit the calls which concern them as individuals; calls for other executives should never come into their hemisphere.


5. It should be able to print the daily call list for the applicable executive(s).


6. Commerically-available products only; if it's to be designed from scratch or from a template, I'll just do it myself.


That's it. Any other bells and whistles are optional... for example, it doesn't need a contacts component to it, as the client wishes to keep that in Microsoft Outlook.


Thanks in advance for your kind consideration!!!