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Sharepoint 2013 to FileMaker 13

Question asked by uwev on May 14, 2014


I'm working in an organisation using Sharepoint Standard Edition (no possibility of going to Enterprise as cost prohibitive) and want a better way of dealing with the information contained within various Sharepoint sites.


My thoughts I could leave the users adding to Sharepoint in the short term whilst I extract the necessary info and report on it through FileMaker (which I have some experience in). Over time I'd move away from Sharepoint as it is too restrictive in Standard Edition from what I can see (I am no Sharepoint expert!) and build a front end in FileMaker.


My problem is I can't see anyway of doing this other than direct access to the Sharepoint data on the SQL Server installation (that isn't going to happen) or literally a two stage process of export to Excel and then importing into FileMaker (not ideal but will work as I can look at modified timestamps and update on this basis plus system doesn't need to be real time in the first instance).


Finally I'd like a bi-directional link with Sharepoint but that can wait.


Anyone tried to do this sort of thing at all?


Thanks in advance