Send 'found/sorted' summarized data to Excel

Discussion created by rfs0123 on May 14, 2014
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Our large mechanical construction company has used Lotus' Approach database software & a program called R&R Report writer for years to 'takeoff' various pieces of equipment from construction drawings, then summarize the data using several possible sort patterns, depending on the situation, to our main Excel Bid sheet to generate our final bid price. The software we used are no longer supported, especially in Windows 7/8, which we have just been forced to install. I have been searching for updated alternatives for a few years, knowing that we'd need to change eventually. We tried Alpha 5 and some of the other non-SQL type applications without success. Alpha 5 worked, but it used the older dbf data format and an awkward interface with Excel. Also tried a few others without success. I recently downloaded the trial version of Filemaker 13 to see whether it would work. I have successfully replicated (and improved) our original database, along with the calculations required. I have also created a working summary report, that consolidates the similar equipment items. The problem is that I haven't been able to send this report successfully to Excel. Instead of the summary fields indicated the summarized values giving me the 'break' sub total value, based on the sort field(s) as they do on screen, they indicate the grand total value for all of the line items.



I have also tried printing the report to a text based file (assuming that I could import the data into Excel), but this didn't work either, since the result was not a delimited CSV file, butr a disorganized text file. Not a good solution anyway, since we often have to use single and double quotes to indicate inches and feet for measurements and sizes and this messes with the fields going to the right column.



Any idea of a solution or where I can find some help? I've done numerous on-line searches, but have not found anything similar to this problem. I hate to give up on FM, since it seems that it would be easy all around solution, but without the ability to send this summary information to Excel, its use would be limited.


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