Data exchange speed

Discussion created by coherentkris on May 14, 2014
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I am working on a system that exchanges data from Oracle tables to FMP.

In order to maximize performance I am running a nightly sync process that exports the Oracle data to .mer and imports the .mer into native fm tables via server side script.

Everything works great.... except... I have one .mer file that is 3.5mb (~9700 records) in size and it seems to be the cause of severe performance bottleneck as you can imagine.

FMS v13 server side script aborted because of time overrun when limit is set to an hour. The big table is not the only table/.mer that is exchanged in the process.


I manually ran the sync routine on JUST the big table and it took about 10 mins to do the import.


My question to the group is.. are their any other import/export strategies that might be quicker at data exchange as i am trying to implement it?


At this point i can not leverage plugins or any third party sync solutions.


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