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Opening Firewall for FMS on OSX.10.6?

Question asked by macstrass on May 14, 2014

Hello everybody,


I am unable to start FMS Administration Console or address localhost:16000 via a web browser on my server machine.


The documentation on FMS (12 is the version in question) states that, among others, port 16000 needs to be open on the server machine.


The only opportunity (without the help of third party apps) I found for that was selecting an app in the firewall settings of OSX, so the ports would be set according to the applications need.


Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any "app" for Filemaker Server, since that is a process running in the background.


So, anybody got a tip on how to solve that issue?


On a related note: is there a possibility to prevent Filemaker Server from starting up automatically without having access to the Admin Console (other than deinstalling it)?


Any help is appreciated