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Photo Bug Not Fixed in 12 but is in 13

Question asked by disabled_jackrodgers on May 15, 2014

The old bug in 12 that has never been fixed is fixed in 13 or so it seems this AM.)


The problem is that Filemaker Pro 13 shows ALL photographs taken on Apple IOS devices as landscape. Portrait photos appear flopped.


However, the orientation shows correctly in 13 Pro and Go. An incentive to spend money to upgrade?


I finally proved this to myself this AM by copying a file I used to take photos on my iPad mini and Touch back to my hard drive and then opening it in Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced (bad orientation) and then in FileMaker Pro 13 (correct orientation). So, the same file opens bad in Pro 12 and good in Pro 13.


Why can't Filemaker fix this in Filemaker Pro 12?


Do we all have to look like idiots when we sell a client on using Filemaker Go to take pictures, post them on a server for their clients and have all of the photos appear as landscape?


Does Filemaker have a legal obligation to fix this bug in Filemaker Pro 12?


Should Filemaker provide FREE copies of Filemaker 13 to replace all malfunctioning copies of Filemaker Pro 12?