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    FMGo --> FMPro


      My client has a file created in FileMaker Pro Advanced on my iMac. He has transferred it to his iPad and entered a lot of information. Now he wants changes. How can I transfer his info-loaded version back to my FileMaker Pro Advanced (iMac) to makes the changes, and then send the file back to him for his iPad?

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          Mike Duncan

          Your client can save a copy of the file using itunes. Plug in the ipad, and under the Apps section of ipad will show File Sharing where you can select FileMaker Go and then the files associated with that app. Select the one you want then "Save To..." a location on their computer, then have them email that file to you.

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            Remind them that for the entire time that YOU have the database, any additions, edits, deletions that they make will not be reflected in the new copy unless you do a data migration from the old to the new. Amazing how many people (clients) forget that.

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              Thanks for teh help Mike, but perhaps I didn't explain well. =


              The client has the database on his iPad. He has been entering data into it.


              Now, he wants me to update the program. I need a copy of his database to import his new records into the new version on my iMac. I can then send him the new version complete with his records.


              I cannot figure out how to accomplish this from your email.


              I know how to share through iTunes, but I need to come from the iPad to my iMac.


              I think I'm lost!

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                Can't do a data migration without a copy of the FMGo file from his iPad.

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                  1. Client hooks the iPad up to whichever computer they sync with
                  2. In iTunes you can see a list of all installed databases
                  3. Drag database from the iTunes window to the Desktop
                  4. Zip and email the database (if possible) or use other transport method
                  5. Do you work on the database
                  6. Send it back to client
                  7. Remove original from iPad
                  8. Replace with new copy
                  9. Done