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Import Records Script Step and new workstations

Question asked by deninger on May 14, 2014

I leverage the Import Records script step (from an ODBC source, if that is jermane to the discussion) in a number of my solutions and I have noted an interesting issue that seems to crop up everytime I set up a new workstation (the solution is hosted on FM Server 13)


When I set up a new client, I install Filemaker and the user enviornment. This includes configuring the ODBC data sources on the computer (and I match the DNS to the information already in the Filemaker solution).


When I test the solution thru the ESS representations of the ODBC data, everything works fine. In other words, the DNS is set correctly and is mapping the ESS.


When call a script that uses the


Import Records [No dialog; DNS: myConfiguredWorkingDNS ; Calculated SQl Text: $SQL ; Add ; MacRoman]


I get an ODBC exception via the ODBC driver (Actual ODBC, in case it matters).


If I then disable the "No Dialog" flag and re-run the script, it will succeed. After this, I can re-check "no dialog" and go on my merry way.


Is there something I can do that will eliminate having to call each script manually upon setup to finish the configuration?