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How Can I Show a Running Balance in a Portal?

Question asked by jmci on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by jmci

Two of the tables in my current project are Account and Transaction. Every Account may have 0, 1, or many related Transactions. There is a Register layout based upon an occurrance of the Account table and it contains a portal to an occurrance of the Transaction table. Three of the fields in the Transaction table are "Credit", "Debit", and a calculation field "zc__Net__n" the formula of which is Credit - Debit.


On the right side of each row in the Transactions portal I want to place a field which shows a running Balance for the account. For example, if the value of the field zc__Net__n in the first transaction was $1,000.00 I want the Balance to show the value $1,000.00. If in the next record the value of Credit = "" and the value of Debit = 20 the value of zc__Net__n will be -20.00 I want the Balance to show the value $980.00.


I tried to do this by creating a summary field Transaction::zs__Balance__n which is a running total of Transaction::zc__Net__n but that didn't give me the result I wanted. Can anybody make a suggestion?