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    Filemaker Go Server 12 treats all photos as landscape

      I suppose this is an old issue since I recall reading of people having problems with photos in container fields.


      A client is having all imported photos from an iPhone being treated as landscape which rotates the portrait photos. The problem was shown to me after the iPhone photos were downloaded to the desktop and then imported into a container. The file itself is a marvel of overcomplexity using, rather avoiding using, SuperContainer. The table itself is a marvel of too many calculations and I suppose some of them are triggered during the import or inserting of the photograph. I did try a new table with just the container field and Filemaker Go 13 on their iPhone. Same problem. I bought a Touch and same problem using Go 13. I used an iPad Mini, same problem when taking the photograph inside a container field.


      Using a local file on the Touch or iPad, no matter how I hold the device, the photos are shown correctly. I am using a developer version of 13 server and I have no problem when using Go 12 or 13.


      So, it seems the problem is Server 12 as being used.


      I haven't had access to check server version, etc. But from what I was shown, Filemaker Server 12 is being run on an older windows server which is also serving all of the files and clients, 10 to 20. And so it is, I am sure, not properly set up. Ocassionally during the day Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced seems to act up.


      So, is using Go 13 with Server 12 a problem with photographs?


      Is there any easy method of righting the wronged photographs in the container? Since it is most likely a wrong flag in the container data, can that be corrected? Maybe Troi can adjust the metadata in a global container?


      Has Filemaker, Inc. provided an answer that I haven't found?



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          I'd love to see a 'rotate' command in FileMaker Pro/go 13... I have a client that takes lots of photos with their iPads and FileMaker inserts them upside down if they take the photo landscape with the 'home' button to the left, rather than to the right. The iPad knows which way is up, but the photo isn't saved in that direction, but rather rotated in that direction, and FileMaker Pro/Go doesn't get that. The only solution I can come up with is using an image plug-in so they can fix the rotation later when they get back to the office. -- Any other ideas?

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            CNS plugin will rotate photos.


            Since the problem exists in Filemaker Pro 12, not the file on the server, and the photos will show correctly in 13, a container field is needed for original and rotated images. You can determine which to show via a script.


            The problem is in Filemaker Pro 12 as the same file opened in Filemaker Pro 13 does not show the image rotation. I tested this using a local file, not connecting to the server.