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    Naming of Container field contents


      Evening All


      I have a database that stores training certificates for employees,


      1) i have a field that is titled: attachment_front this field holds the front side of the certificate in pdf format.


      2) once the certificate is entered into the field i then hover at the bottom of the container field and the pop-up type interactive menu appears.


      3) I then click on the 'Open PDF in Preview option'


      4) the PDF then opens and is titled with a random name e.g. 'FM-222C7C6F-E3B5-408A-BCE5-95BBA3593821.pdf'




      My question is can i get this pdf to open and have the name of the certificate which is held in a field titled: document_title, this would save the user having to change the name of the pdf when they want to save it.



      Many thanks in advance for any input.







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          Stephen Huston

          At what point does the name of the PDF become import? If only when you save it to disk, the use of a nice simple name can be scripted using the script step to save as PDF. This requires setting a proper filepath, usually to the user's desktop, and either grabbing the desired file name from a field or via a custom dialog where it can be stored in a $variable and use to complete the $filepath variable in the script.

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            We are also trying to figure out when the filename of the PDF doesn't transfer to the user's save or view. If we inset the file (edit: file icon appears) it will retain the filename. If it is an interactive PDF, then we get what appears to be a secure path. Saving the file as open or secure does not change this anomoly.