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    Summary calculation in FileMaker10 Adv


      How do I create a summary calculation that returns the LAST (not maximum, minimum, average, etc.) $value in a database. Example: Fields are ... Date & $value. There is one record for each month and records are summarized by Year. In the Summary Part (Year), I want to display the $value from the LAST record for each Year (not the total of all records for the year, or even the highest value - just the last (typically December). Any help? Thanks.


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          Mike Duncan

          I'm not sure this is what you're asking since "$value" would be a variable, but assuming you have a field named "value" and starting from the context of a record for Month, where it is related to the record for Year, this will get the value for the last related record in the Year table.


          Last ( year::value )


          This doesn't need to be a summary calc.