PHP Array to FileMaker Let variables

Discussion created by mattman on May 16, 2014
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Ok, so, before you say "Why don't you do it this way..." Here's the objective.


Walk a PHP array and determine if the node is a value or array. If it's an array then you want to push it onto a new line - and do this recursively.


Now, when I say "new line" I actually mean the FileMaker paragraph character. As the title indicates, my goal is to make a PHP function (or functions) to create a compacted FileMaker list of variables which can be looped through and evaluted.


I have a very comprehensive chunk of code at the following link and it does it's best to explain what the desired output is.


Essentially, I'd like to compact a multidimensional array into FileMaker's Let format and walk the list of variables by exploding out container variables as needed.


You can determine if the current variable is a container of multiple variables by using a PatternCount against ¶


Man, I wish FileMaker had multidimensional arrays with mapping functions!


As of this posting, I'm stuck on creating a PHP function which is a mirror for FileMaker's Quote() function.


Any takers for helping out? The code is public.