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I need a developer, a consultant or maybe just a template

Question asked by sethgodin on May 18, 2014
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First time here, hope you can help.


I've been using Filemaker as a soloist since 1987 or so. I published what might be the first directory ever created used FM before it even had a number... anyway, I fear I'm now over my head.


My wife owns a bakery with one kitchen and two retail locations. She's asked me to put together an order/inventory system for custom and retail cakes. I've pasted the first spec below.


My question to you: is there something close already built I can start with? Do I need to hire you to give me a headstart? Or is it so complex I can't attempt to do this myself, or even do it in Filemaker?




PS okay to send me a private note at seth at my name dot com


Seth Godin




Inventory allocation for a bakery with two locations and one kitchen


Every day, the kitchen can turn out a given number of layer cakes. They know when they start work, when they finish, and how many cakes an hour they can create.


Every day, each location gets orders from various customers for a particular layer cake filling and frosting combination. These orders are for dates in the future.


And every day, some of those orders ask for custom writing or other custom details.


And, every day, each location needs to reserve with the kitchen the retail inventory it needs to arrive two days hence, so they have the right variety of cakes to display and sell.


So, for example, the kitchen might have enough staff in place to prepare (bake and frost) 4 cakes an hour for an 8 hour shift. They would enter that into ‘inventory’ for each day in the future.


Each location would have a standing order of how many cakes and what style they’re expecting.


Both the inventory created and the standing order need to be recurring, by day of the week, and to be edited up to two days in advance of the bake.


And finally, as special orders come in (some as many as nine months in advance for a given date), those cakes are allocated from existing inventory, based on when during the day it must be baked. The goal would be, if there are 40 cakes (example) to be baked sequentially, to allocate the cakes both by the time of day needed, or if no time is promised, from end of the bake to the beginning, both to give the bakers flexibility and to leave slots open for earlier guaranteed cakes.


In essence, then, a classic limited inventory system, but one that’s keyed around a stock that is replaced every single day. And with the ability to reserve inventory days or weeks in advance.




As each location uses its iPad to enter a special order from a customer, it must also trigger a local printer to print a special layout that confirms the order has been entered.


The kitchen would have the ability to automatically print all the orders for tomorrow (or any day in the future) all at once, both one sheet per order as well as tabbed layouts.