WebDirect and security concerns

Discussion created by oliver on May 18, 2014
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Recently, I have spent some reasonable time to tryout the WebDirect feature, which is a great initiative from Filemaker and comes with big potential and big promise.


Under the situation that FMS 13 have the secure connection and allow progressive download options turned on. You will find that the secure ssl connection may be compromised under certain web browsers such as Opera in mac os X and Safari in iOS. I understand these browsers are not officially supported from the document. But this can create potential data leakage when people not aware of this.


My finding showed whenever there is interactive content, such as video and pdf file, in container field that be put on layout. The ssl connection will swtich back to no ssl connection from some browsers immediately when interactive content need to be showed. This is a nightmare and It comes to my concern that WebDirect may fail to protect the data when required. Even I try to swtich to other layout with no interactive container field content after, the ssl connection on browser will not get turn on again. I have a big concerns here.


I hope Filemaker engineer can look into this. This can potentially lead to data leakage if the scanerio not being take care.


It would be great if any developers can share your view here.