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    Value List problem



      I'm using Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced


      I'm having a problem that should be very easy to solve, but I can't find what I did wrong.


      My solution is for creating orders. My first field is a value list to select the company placing the order, this list works perfectly. By selecting the Company ID, sorted by second field of Company ID both the Company ID and Company Name fields populate, no problem


      Now, my ordered by fields. These don't work. It's the same set-up with a table for Contacts, relationship, _kf_ContactID = kp_ContactID. Any steps for troubleshooting? I went through the steps on the knowledgebase and I didn't find the problem. As far as I can see, the only difference is they are different tables? What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance,





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          I'd like to look at your file and see if I can help, but it needs a user name and password. Please advise.

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            There are several problems.


            1. It is not generally a good idea to publish all your actual business data such as company names, contact names, etc on a pubic list.


            2. The value list is attached to the wrong field. It should be attached to the _kf_ContactID_OrderedBy field.


            3. The value list won't work because it is not based on the contact ID.


            4. The value list should be set up to show only contacts associated with the order company.


            5. You have defined the field FullNameFirstLast as a number field. The result should be TEXT.

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              Password is admin

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                Thank-you for your help.  I deleted the file and will re-post without the data, I feel like a jerkoff.


                Ok, so I re-set the first field to ORDER::_kf_ContactID_orderedby.


                I didn't see what you were talking about, the second field is ORDER::OrderedBy_FullNameFirstLast, which is set to text, lookup based on the ContactID


                I've tried lots of iterations of this, right now I have the value list set this way, and I still only get two names returned:


                First Field:


                Second Field:



                I've tried it with showing all results and with filter by ORDER


                If I change it to filter by order_COMPANY, I get a ?.  If I click on the ? I get a single name, but it is correct for the selected company in the order.


                Thanks again,





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                  The contacts fullName calc field is currently defined as a number field. Look again. Look into the right table.

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                    Thank-you, I have literally been trying to solve this for two weeks.  This is my Capstone project for my ISM degree, and it is kicking my backside.  I figured I had something simple like that messed up.