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    Free copy of Pro Advanced.


      Hi there!


      I am new to filemaker but I have taken to it like a duck to water!

      I love everything it can do and I plan to use it for personal projects as well as for my single person business.

      I think about all the iPhone apps I have bought that nearly did what I wanted, but not quite. I know I can create what I need with filemaker in Kiosk Mode!

      My free trail just run out, so I will have to save up to buy it.

      In the meantime... Filemaker have a special running at the moment that one Purchase of Pro Advanced gets another copy free.

      If anybody has recently taken up this offer, or is planning to, please get in touch.

      Maybe we could go halves?

      I hope I'm not breaking any rules by asking.



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          Come to Devcon 2014 this Summer in San Antonio and you'll probably get a free copy there and learn a lot and network with a lot of other FileMaker users.  In the past, they have given a free copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced away to participants at this annual FileMaker developers confernece.  Or do you have an employer that has a volume discount or do you belong to an educations institution that gets an educational discount?  If you can get on the annual licensing, it is often easier to just pay this annual licensing than the whole amount up front.  But I think you can only get on annual licensing if you are part of a group buying 5 or more licenses and I may be wrong about that. 

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            Also if you become a technet member you get a free developers license of filemaker server that allow a connection of 3 users.

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              Hi Taylor

              I'd love to come to Devcon but I live in Australia!

              I will see if there is one here.


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                Hi Carl,


                No, that does not suit.  I would still need a copy of Filemaker to build the databases, and thats all I want to do.

                Thanks anyway

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                  No, I'm afraid Devcon is not held in Australia unfortunately.  But you might want to hook up with Lyndsay Howarth.  She is very active here on Technet and she is from Lennox Head, NSW, Australia.  She has a lot of experience with FileMaker and web development too.  She did fly to America last year for Devcon and it was fun to meet her.  I'm sure she can tell you all about it.  Check her web page out at http://www.11hrg.com.au