Moving a Filemaker database from Mac to Windows (Win 7)

Discussion created by pedantic on May 20, 2014
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Hello everyone:


I have two databases that management has asked me to move from the Mac to a Windows box. Both of them do pretty much the same thing; they take in text and images, organize the information and then provide the information to programs further on in the process.


One deals solely with local tables and creates a runtime to be distributed to customers. I have had no problems moving it from the Mac to the Windows platform.


The other imports the information to local tables, massages the information a bit and then places it in MySQL tables for future use by web programs. Most of the work, however is done locally and the MySQL tables are not accessed except at the last step. This particular application has about 35 layouts and 11 tables. A number of the layouts are simple dialogs that the authors used to accept information from the operator while others actually do the heavy lifting in this process.


The problem is that there are approximately 14 layouts, and some of them the most important layouts, that crash Filemaker if I attempt to call them up using the dropdown menu in the Filemaker UI.


I have tried all sorts of things to attempt to track down the problem, including removing the field one-by-one to see if I could identify the field that was causing the trouble (that did not help), and deleting all records in the table to see if it would resolve the problem (it did not) to completely recreating the table--which finally resolved the problem for one small, barely used table. I had to also recreate the layouts and modify the scripts that were used in conjunction with those layouts, and it took me several hours to fix that one little table/layout. The table had only three fields, and only one record. Though this solution worked, it is not ideal.


If I have to rewrite the whole process, it will take a serious amount of time. But if there is some simple fix, such as exporting and then reimporting the information (or whatever) I would be pleased to hear of it.


Thanks for any help you can give me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.