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    Open URL Script Step


      I created a FM table that has notes/details for a number of different companies from a recent conference. Each of these companies also has an Excel report that I would like to link to each record. I successfully did this using the "Open URL" script step when referencing the file on my local machine, however I have hit a snag when referencing the file on the server. When the Open URL script step is executed, the file begins to open, however I'm then prompted with the Microsoft Excel dialong box stating "Cannot find 'server:folder:filename.xlsx.'. Copy from:" I select Cancel and the file opens fine. I would like for the script to execute without this Excel dialog box opening. Any suggestions? I'm running FMA 12 on Mac OS X 10.8.5.

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          So... what do you mean by server?  A Peer-to-Peer server or a regular FMS service?  If FMS service, then I guess the question is why you want the application to run on the server since you usually don't want to do that except for some administrative purposes, but not as a regular use application.  But it really sounds like an Excel issue with the URL extension designated to open it on that machine.  In fact, do you have Excel on that machine or is some other application previewing it?  And, also, why do you want another application running on your server (not a good "best practice")? 


          The first thing I would do since it seems to be an opening problem by Excel is to reinstall Excel so that the extensions are properly registered with the OS.  I suspect that is most likely. 


          Alternative problems may be a permissions issue with where you are saving the file.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. By server I meant our in office client-server model. I did discover the issue and it was indeed an Excel issue. The workbook being opened on the server had several links to files on my desktop, the Open URL script was not finding these linked excel files on the server, resulting in the error. I added the linked files to the server appropriately and the issue is resolved.