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    gremlins in php files moved to FMS13


      Hi All,


      I have a file which is showing up gremlins in odd spots when a particular javascript is included in the page. I have used this particular code everywhere for years (since FMS8 with Apache and before that with Webstar) with no issues.


      Now I have moved this site to a new server with Mavericks and FMS13, it throws up gremlins in odd places but mostly just inside new divisions.


      I have zapped gremlins and gone thru the code with a fine tooth and can't find a thing out of place.


      The characters I get are like this


      ... and I think this represents 2 of whatever is causing the problem as in other places there is only one like this 


      Any ideas?


      I must say that this is the first time I have used FMS's version of Apache and not the one installed with OSXS...


      Failing that? Anyone got some nice javascript for a popup calendar that will play nicely?