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    WebDirect and Back Button


      5.2. User interaction in FileMaker WebDirect solutions

      • The capability to specify URL parameters or to bookmark specific locations within FileMaker WebDirect solutions has been removed for security reasons. You now specify only a filename in the URL to open that file.


      Today is the first time since the update that I have attempted to use a browser's back button in a solution. It had always worked previously, a new feaeture with WD that a lot of our clients were very excited about. We always had told IWP users not to use the browser's back button, but it is just second nature to people, so it still happens often. As of today, the back button takes me back to the log in page. Tested on IE11 with Windows and the latest Safari on Mac.


      My suspicion is that the forward and back buttons failing is related to the URL changes referenced above, since every page I'm on now has the same URL, whereas previously there was reference to layouts and record numbers. Can anyone confirm this? Was it intentional, or perhaps unavoidable, considering the URL security change? What I'd love to hear is that no one else can recreate this, and that I must have something set up wrong on my end, but I don't expect that is the case.





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          You are correct.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective. 

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            Filed under: Oh well, security is certainly more important. The recent update rocks, so we'll take it even if we don't get "back button" back.


            For those of us using IWP extensively, then you know that almost every single client (and every new user) hits the back button or keypress, and you have to add to your instructions and pound into their heads that this will not work. For one of our clients who is large enough to have at least a few new users every month, we still get complaints after 10 years of the solution in the field. It was one of our "finally resolved" bullet points in switching to WebDirect.


            Pre WD update the back button was smart enough to skip screens that may have been a passing part of a script, for instance landing on a layout to gather field IDs would not be part of the back-button list. It worked beautifully and with good security for all tests we conducted.