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    How to encode a string as a number sorting key, preserving sort order ?




      I've a String, and want to store a number which would a be a sort key. If I sort with the number sort key I should get the string in correct ascending order.


      Here''re sorme string


      Albert Einstein > 4556565

      Albert Blum > 4525655


      So sorting it by the sort key would be


      Albert Blum > 4525655

      Albert Einstein > 4556565


      Of course, if another records arrives like


      Albert Cohen, its number key would be between 4525655 and 4556565. Meaning, those niumber keys shouldn't be based on a foundset. They need to be absolute (the sring length can be like 32 chars max)


      That's because another system I use needs to have an integer sorting key


      Of course 4525655 and 4556565 are just numbers I made off to illustrate the point. I need to know how to generate those number keys