Anchor bouy . .. HELP! (Newbie)

Discussion created by HammerOz on May 22, 2014
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Hi all,


I am struggling with this concept. I am starting out and have read the 13 advanced manual a couple of times. I have looked for good information on anchor bouy relationship design. It hasn't quite clicked.


I am struggling becuase I know the data I am working with very well and I see how it can fit together as one tree or web ( thats how I have worked with it). So for me anchor bouy is like tearing it apart and only relating it to the function of each layout.


So why exactly is anchor bouy good? As I understand it:

  • For future development. Eaiser for other to understand and get stuck into
  • Efficient. Database looks up the relationship it need to as opposed to chewing through a web of relationships
  • more?


For it to work I have to master using global variables (and executeSQL) to switch contexts / layouts. True? I am working on this too and the starter / training solutions are helping.



Are there real cons versus the central to model?


Does anyone have any good papers on the subject for my level?


My first FM databse is my end objective and it is a large work so I don't want to look back at it in 5 years and go WTF!