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Easily fill and open container contents

Question asked by laser on May 21, 2014
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I'm a first time user of Filemaker Pro 12 software and have what I thought was a simple issue.


I am designing a database to store our companies manuals and other files which are either PDFs, word files or some other file types.


I wanted to make a container field where a co-worker can drag and drop their file into the container and then have Filemaker store the file externally in a folder.

Then, regardless of file type, I was hoping the next person who needed that file could go to the database, find the entry and simply double click on the icon and open the file up to read or make a copy for themselves.


We are all running Macs and my co-workers, myself included to a lesser extent, are not computer savy and I want to make this is as easy and thoughtless as possible.


So ideally, it would be drag and drop the original file into a conatiner for external storage, and then double click on the file to open, regardless of file type.


This seems so basic and simple, I am at a loss for why I can't figure out how to do it.



Thank you very much for you consideration.