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Discussion created by tomtheriault on May 22, 2014
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I have a problem.


I have placed a signature container field on a "Invoice" I created using a "sub summary" sorted by "Invoice ID".


The signature container fields is in the "Trailing Grand Summary" section".


When the invoice is populated I am unable to get the "Signature" pop up on the FM Go App.


All that happens is the field highlight with a black border and the "Next" "Previous" buttons show at the bottom of the screen.


I was on the FM Forums web site and was instructed that I must have a record present.  After confirming that I have records present I am still not able to get the FM Go Signature pop up to display.


I really need this signature on my invoice and it sure would be nice to understand what is actually going wrong.  I can access the Signature pop up simple records on the FM Go but not on this "Invoice Layout" for some strange reason.


Any guidance I would be grateful.


Thank you.