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    Signature FM Go




      I have a problem.


      I have placed a signature container field on a "Invoice" I created using a "sub summary" sorted by "Invoice ID".


      The signature container fields is in the "Trailing Grand Summary" section".


      When the invoice is populated I am unable to get the "Signature" pop up on the FM Go App.


      All that happens is the field highlight with a black border and the "Next" "Previous" buttons show at the bottom of the screen.


      I was on the FM Forums web site and was instructed that I must have a record present.  After confirming that I have records present I am still not able to get the FM Go Signature pop up to display.


      I really need this signature on my invoice and it sure would be nice to understand what is actually going wrong.  I can access the Signature pop up simple records on the FM Go but not on this "Invoice Layout" for some strange reason.


      Any guidance I would be grateful.


      Thank you.



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          Stephen Huston

          It's awfully difficult to tell how your layout is setup from the pdf of layout mode.


          For a simple solution to your problem, I might do something like placing a "signature" or "Sign" button in the footer, which runs a script to open a new window of a special layout in Form-view Body part containing just the signature field, and goes to the field.


          Include a "done" or "Accept button/script on the new window layout which commits the signature and closes that window.


          That won't require messing with your existing layout except to add the "Sign" button. You can even make the signature field on the existing layout into the button.

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            Along the same lines, would a popover containing the signature container work?

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              Hi Stephen,


              I did exactly what you suggested expecting to solve my problem.  I had all three checked ... Form, List, Table but to my suprise, selecting only "Form" did not solve my problem, still unable to access the "Signature" pop up.


              It turns out that apperantly I have to be in "Full Access" mode.  Apperantly, my resticted mode for "Staff" personal does not allow access the "Signature" pop up ???


              Strange, why would Filemaker restict that ??


              Anyway, can I get some more understanding here.


              I will have to design a special layout, then navigate to that layout ( Log In ) at the "Admin" level .... Lock Down all menu items for my signature layout and any other secret access that I may overlook.  Then allow the signaute to take place, navigate back to the original layout and Re-Log In at my "STAFF" level ... does this sound about right.


              Any suggestions ??


              I have the "Signature" block when I am in "ADMIN" full access mode.


              Thank you.



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                It makes sense that access privileges could restrict a user from entering data in that field, thus suppressing the signature capture. It doesn't make sense that you should have to go all the way to [Full Access]. Try creating a new privilege set and make sure it has write privileges for the signature capture field, and let us know how that goes.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  As jbante indicates, the permissions can definitely be an issue, but Full Access seems like a risky overkill approach. I suggest checking the permission level of the existing group and just modify that to assure it has editing privs for the currect table/field of the signature.

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                    Hi Stephen and jbante,


                    Sometime, I need a "Parent, Child" relationship ....


                    I try to keep things simple,  please see attached.


                    I don't understand why the signature field is not available in "STAFF" mode.


                    I don't really see any other chocie here, I am either "Full Access" or I have access to my fields but they are available via scripts that navigate my customer to layouts.  There no way they can get to a layout if they do not log in as the "Admin".  If there are more than one user, I remove all menu items.  So the customer can not get to a layout without a script and if they are not logged in as "Admin" again, based on my "Modifiable" on the "Signature" fields "Signature 2" is global ( trying to figure this out ) and all other fields work ??? but the signature fields, why would the "Signature" fields be blocked in "STAFF" mode.


                    Makes no sense to me.  I only see what I see, which is "Modifiable"  what other way is there ???


                    Any assistance here I would be grateful.


                    Thank you.

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                      Stephen Huston

                      You might try the idea of scripting navigation to a signature window, include a pause indefintely in the script when you get to that point, and then use an "accept" button to continue the script after signing, with a commit without dialog, skipping validation. (see my first post on your thread from yesterday)


                      But set that entire script to run with Full Access, and see if the signature field is both editable and saved.


                      If not, try using a global field for the capture, then use a full access script process to set the record-level signature field from the global, and clear the global afterward.


                      I still think the permissions are the fly in the ointment on this one. What permission limitations on field edits and layout access have you set on that group?

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                        I forgot about "Run with full access"


                        I will try that, thank you.



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