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Return to starting Tab Panel

Question asked by mikeo'neil on May 22, 2014
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Hi Folks,


Platform: FMA 13


I have looked through the existing questions/answers but not quite sure which method could be integrated into my existing method or start from scratch?


I have a database that is designed to have (5) Tab Panels which act as a central layout. Each Panel has multiple buttons that switches the user to various report/s, charts, and other list/table views.


Each Panel is dedicated to a data table (Cardiac Arrest data, Cardiac Alert data, Stroke data, Maintenance and one for future reasons).


I have scripted (see below scripts) to allow the user to return to the starting screen/layout. This works find but I need to be able to return to the Tab Panel where the Button that was selected resides.


What would be the recommended modification to my existing scripts to accomplish this.





GOTO Script (Attached to each button)


Allow User Abort (Off)

Set Error Capture (On)

Set Variable [$$Return; Value; Get(LayoutName)]

Go to Layout [“Statistics” (Menu)] //Varies for each Chart/screen

Perform Script ["Set Window_Detail”] //Note: Last line of Set Window Script has: Set Variable [$$Prev; Value:Get(LayoutName)]



Return Screen Script (Return button on each screen)


Allow User Abort (Off)


Set Error Capture (On)

If [ $$Return = Get(LayoutName)]

Go to Layout [$$Prev]




Go to Layout [$$Return]

End If