How to: Deployment of FileMaker Pro 13 (Mac OS X) using Apple Remote Desktop

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Hi everybody,

recently, I faced the task of deploying FileMaker Pro 13 (VL) onto several Macs. FileMaker provides a Network-Setup-Guide (fmp13_network_install_setup.pdf). On page 10 is described how one should use a shell script to create an individual install package for a remote install with ARD. The script should be contained in the archive fmp_osx_deployment.zip - but it’s not available for download anywhere. Too bad.


Edit: The above is wrong! The script is available and works like a charm! You may get it here: http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/fmp_osx_deployment.zip

So there may be no need for you to go through the following steps if you want to use ARD!


When you have a look at the Network-Setup-Guide for FileMaker Pro 12, you find another option to install FileMaker Pro (12) using the installer command in Terminal. Interesting…


I tried a little bit and ended up with this routine for installing FileMaker Pro 13 on all our Macs with Apple Remote Desktop and without any user interaction (a silent install was important for me). Please, let me know, what you think about it. Could it be optimized in any way? If you want to try this out by yourself - do it at your own risk!


1. Create a folder on the Desktop (or anywhere else) of your administrative Mac called „FMP 13 Install“. Of course, you may use any other name, but in this example I took this one.


2. Copy the installer package „FileMaker Pro 13.pkg“ and the text file „Assisted Install.txt“ from the installation volume into this folder.


3. Edit „Assisted Install.txt“ as explained in the Network-Setup-Guides: At least, enter username, organization, license key and set the skipdialog-flag to 1.


4. Use Apple Remote Desktop to copy the whole folder „FMP 13 Install“ out of your desktop to „Applications“ of the target computers. You may do this for all of the corresponding Macs at once.


5. Send this UNIX-command as root to all of the Macs, simultaneously (o, think „sudo“ is not necessary here…)


sudo /usr/sbin/installer -verbose -pkg /Applications/FMP 13 Install/FileMaker Pro 13.pkg -target LocalSystem


6. When all Macs finished this task, you may delete the installation folder „FMP 13 Install“ on all Macs with this command


rm -r /Applications/FMP 13 Install


That’s it. FileMaker Pro 13 should be installed on every Mac with the information you entered in „Assisted Install.txt“. So, what do you think?


Best regards,



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