FMS 11 Redeploy Hangs

Discussion created by DavidZakary on May 23, 2014

A client's server suffered a power failure and the whole thing went down.


All of the databases came back fine, but the IWP installation has got issues. Single machine, Win 2008 R2 server. IIS.


I fire up the Admin console and the Web Server buttons are dimmed. When I try to edit the deployment I get a couple of screens in and it hangs with the spinning icon (Windows or Mac, doesn't matter).


IIS seems to be running as I can get to the page before the database connection happens.


Any suggestions as to where the problem may be or where to start looking?


Additionally, in the Server Admin console, I'm trying to disable IWP competely via a redeploy. Console seems to be hanging again. Nothing but beach balls.



Dave Zakary