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    Access with URL on different layouts


      In the past, in IWP (FM11 / 12) we had the possibility to give an URL a Password and a Username. With this information we could made a Script for:

      - Access on different layouts


      With FM 13 WebDirect it was also possible to creat a script with the information in the URL (layout and records).

      But now, with the new upgrade on 13.0.2 this was deleted.


      Has someone a good idea to come from outside with a URL and with some information in there, to be come different access to layouts?

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          Afraid it doesn't work that way anymore.  You have to set up a Guest account auto logon that runs a script to get you where you want and might include relogging in.  You can't put the credentials in the URL anymore.  Its a security issue.  I miss that ability too.  It does

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            My session at devcon will include a demo file that for auto-login capabilities based on a stored user's table and Get(PersistentID).


            I plan on running a blog series on a variety of WD subjects but it won't be out until early August.


            Taylor is correct, as of 13.0v2 it is no longer an option to pass plain text credentials via a URL due to security concerns. You will be required to "roll your own" on-login scripts to handle the inbound actions that you want to acheive.

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              I have found a solution for me. I build a seperate small Database for every LOGIN (direct access for a layout) . I build a Startscript for this small Database and include a Script from the secound Database, where i can define, with layout i want to go.

              It's function in a good way.


              Thank you all!