File size and indexing conundrums

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We are doing a bit of data rescue from a venerable, non-FMP source. Odd results on FMP file size and indexing contributions tho'.


File size, imported data, full indexing: 825 Mb

File size, compressed copy 1: 539 Mb


Make a fresh copy, switch off all indexes and uncheck the option to rebuild them. Save a compressed copy.

File size, compressed copy 2: 539 Mb (unexpected)

File size, clone: 256 kb

File size, using clone and importing data from Compressed copy 2: 719 Mb (very unexpected, no indexes)

File size, Compressed copy 3: 539 Mb (mmm)


This would suggest that

a) indexes have no overhead (highly implausible), or

b) indexing parameters are ignored


Bug, or really special feature? (***Windows 7; file size figures via Properties)


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