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Is there a better way to Count field responses?

Question asked by mikeo'neil on May 23, 2014
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Database is a multiple table solution that tracks performance statistics of Fire/EMS agencies.


Several fields in my Cardiac Arrest table tracks what hospital patient was transported to (possible 15 choices), another field tracks Advanced Airway method that was used (5 choices), another tracks where the patient was discharged to (7 possible choices). All responses are from a value list and are text.


I know I can define a calculation to Count responses in individual fields and then Summarize for counts, but is there a better way?.




Count Home Responses

Case(Discharge = Home,1,0)


Count SNF Responses

Case(Discharge = SNF,1,0)



Count Expired Responses


Case(Discharge = EXP,1,0)



Count Hospice Responses


Case(Discharge = HOSPICE,1,0)


Then Sum each field to get a count.


Looking for a method that is more efficient?