License Conflict with myself using FMP://

Discussion created by datamate on May 23, 2014
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All files hosted on same FMS

"Master" file calling hosted "slave" files using FMP:// protocol gets license conflict.


I understand why this is happening, FMS thinks a second user is opening "slave" files with the same license as the assumed (same) first user that opened the "Master" file but think there should be a fix for this. It does not happen when using a remote client.


This is critical to the success of our solution.


To better understand the dynamics here is the scenario:

Customer has multiple new "slave" files to host every week or so.

To have the "Master" file utilize the data from these we would have to hard code the reference for every additonal file (16 "slave" files a month) which would be ridiculous frankly.


Solution to this was to create a "slave" file that references the master file to send information back but the "slave" file is initially called by the "Master" file via fmp://. That way when we host a new "slave" file all we have to do it add a new record with the file name to the table of "slave" file names and everything just works dynamically. The system appeared seemless until all put on the server. Note here that the remote calling is done by a robot on the server as server side can not call multiple files.