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    Filemaker 13 and Windows XP


      I have several clients who still use Windows XP. They have several full custom very specialized programs that will not run on Windows 7 or 8, and those programs will not be replaced or updated anytime soon. I recently upgraded from FM 12 advanced to 13 advanced and am flummoxed that it will not run on XP. I assume a compiled runtime will not run on XP either, although I have not had the opportunity to try it yet. Anyway to make a compiled runtime work on Windows XP? (I am sure the answer is no, but might as well ask)

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          Stephen Huston

          According to the product 13 System Requirements, on Windows, you need at least:

          • Windows 8.1, or Windows 8.1 Pro*
          • Windows 8, or Windows 8 Pro*
          • Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium*

          The Compiled Runtime from FMPAv13 has the same system requirements as FMPv13


          FMI warned back during the days of FMv11 that they were "deprecating" support for XP, which was their way of warning developers that some version in the foreseeable future wouldn't work with it. That day has come. I feel for you; I am supporting both Mac and Windows, and have had runtimes released with every file format back to the SDK for FM3. From time to time I have to tell people they must upgrade if they want to use my latest upgrade. I have one client who hasn't upgraded is OS in 10 years and is still happily using what I supplied back then, foregoing new features in my later runtimes for system compatibility.


          I also have to warn them how much support I am willing and able to provide for old runtimes, which is rapidly dwindling. I don't even have compatible OS systems for testing and development for some of the runtime versions I released 15 years ago.

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            Have they thought about virtualizing their old applications inside an XP VM so that they can be used in a windows 7/8 environment? It's not your fault their other applications are incompatible, you should insist they update before you migrate.


            Stephen's advice rings true, in addition the tech specs page explicitly states:


            Please note that Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) are no longer supported. Please update your operating system before upgrading to FileMaker Pro 13.


            As a developer, it's your responsibility to offer suggestions, but also be firm in your recommendations. Establishing workarounds from the recommended system settings will only cause you future grief, and your clients undue stress as well. Computers are cheap, if they're still using XP then they've more than received the value from them. VM has come a long way and is a viable option to run legacy applications if they need to.

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              Stephen Huston

              Though I don't need it often, I still keep XP available as the installed OS on a VMware virtual machine app  on one of my Macs (see: www.vmware.com). All you need is enough disk space to keep each OS virtual machine saved to open as it's needed within the modern host OS.


              [Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with VMware in any way, just a  satisfied user of VMware for several years now.]

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                Actually, from what an IT friend told me at a party last night, you should be able to run the old applications in windows 7/8 "compatibility mode" which takes care of the virtualization for you.


                I bet those users are begging to get new computers!

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                  One thought....have them try running XP on Windows using Oracle's Virtualbox (which is free). And Mike's compatibility mode idea is worth looking at as well;  if I recall, it is in effect an instance of  Microsoft's Virtual Machine technology that used to be available as a separate application. Also, for "new" machines, I've gotten several refurbs from NewEgg, IBM/Lenovo machines, 4 gigabytes RAM, 500G or 1T of disk, dual core, with Windows Professional 64 bit. for $214.00  Its almost like getting the hardware for free.   

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                    As Mike suggested running the old software in an XP VM or with compatibility mode sounds like the best answer aside from each user having two machines. I have run into this with other softwares in the past for computer that need to be running XP and special software for heavy machine that have no modern software support and sometime need something like a serial or parallel port to communicate with the equipment.


                    I tried to install FM12 on an XP computer and it would not install because it did not have SP2 I think. It was a message that XP is really going away and my desire for android desktops is growing.

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                      Stephen Huston

                      I think XP required the SP2 update well back into the FP7 format. I know seem to remember needing it for at least versions 10 and 11, if not earlier FMPs

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                        As I just happened to be looking at the version compatibilty document: FMP 7 was the last version which ran on Windows XP without any service pack. XP SP2 was the minimum for FMP8, 8.5 and 9. XP SP3 was the minimum for FMP 10, 11 and 12. XP and Vista are not supported for FMP 13.