How to pass parameters to a Web Direct URL?

Discussion created by dburnham on May 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by Stephen Huston

I am trying to send an email to people with a link that they can click to access a specific record on a specific layout in a database, and go nowhere else in the database. It's like a simple survey with a simple yes/no question that they can respond to with a radio button field and a submit button.


I don't have a problem granting access to the database using the privilege sets. I don't have a problem with the credentials to view or edit the record.


The one and only problem is navigation to the speficic record. Get(RecordNumber) in FMP shows a different number in the Data Viewer than the one being passed to a URL that is expecting the correct record number to be inserted where the relevant portion of my URL string is composed as: &record=" & Get(RecordNumber) & "&-find"


I have a data table with 64 records. There are 53 in the found set. I am on the last record. The data viewer tells me that my record number is 53. The browser wants to go to record number 57. have no idea why this is the result. &viewstyle=form&record=57&-find