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    802 Error When Importing from Oracle 11g


      I'm preparing to move from FMS11 to FMS13 and I've been fighting an 802 error for a week now.


      I'm getting the error when attempting to run IMPORT RECORDS from a scheduled script. The data source is an ODBC connection to an Oracle 11g database.


      I can run this successfully from my own PC and I can run it successfully from a copy of the Filemaker Pro client installed on the very server I'm having trouble with, but when I run the same script via a schedule using the FM Server 13 it kicks up the 802 error.


      This article from FMI's knowledge base explains the problem perfectly but the suggested fix doesn't work:



      I have read every article related to this problem that I could find and nothing fixes it. I've spent a lot of time trying to solve this over the past week to no avail.


      Anybody have ideas?